Technology Solutions

Web Apps
Capture Data Online
You're probably familiar with online forms. You may even have one on your website for visitors to contact you. Maybe you've even used a service such as Eventbrite to handle ticket sales. While these solutions are great, often they don't match your specific needs for data acquisition. 
A customized online form provides a greater level of flexibility, which could also save you time and resources. Using conditional logic allows multiple outcomes to be programmed into a single form. Additionally, data entered online can be automatically merged to the  documents you use in your business, such as contracts, and include online signature capture without the overhead of using DocuSign or other services. Completed documents can be auto-emailed to you and the customer. 
Technology Assistance
From Websites to Data Management
We provide a variety of technical assistance, such as setting up online accounts, payment gateways, and email services to full website development and data management.
Website Design
Data Management
-Merging Excel Files
-Parsing Text to Excel
-Online Data Capture
-Data Entry/Compiling
UX Testing
Fillable PDFs
Make Your Documents More Useful
Your standard Word and PDF documents can be made more useful by converting them to fillable PDFs. Allowing customers or clients to type their entries dramatically reduces data errors from poor handwriting interpretation. Typed documents also make it easier to OCR scan forms and even (in some cases) directly import form fields into existing CRM and other business systems.
Additional services include merging PDF documents and extracting text and images from PDFs. If you have lost your original, editable documents, we can recreate your PDFs in Word or Adobe InDesign for further editing.
Fillable PDF Conversion: $25 per page (up to 20 fields per page) + $10 for each add’l 10 fields on a page.
Custom Business Solutions
Streamlining Your Operations
If your business is still collecting data using paper forms, a custom database solution could optimize your business operations. In-house and remote input sources, such as iPad-based apps, can be created to streamline your data acquisition and processing. We develop solutions using Claris Filemaker Pro, a custom database platform for Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone. For more than 20 years and for millions of users, FileMaker has been helping people in business, education, and government seamlessly manage information across multiple locations and platforms. 
Our development process includes:
Feature Planning – what you would like to do with the system
Release Planning – project timeline and logistics such as meeting schedules and expectations
Development Cycles – features are created, tested, and reviewed in subsets with bi-weekly budget and status updates
Beta Testing – system is tested by actual users
Deployment – existing data is migrated to new system
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