​​​​​​​Facebook Advertising Deep Dive:
Beyond the Boosted Post
FREE Two-Part Workshop Presented by Jillian Harman, Marketing Consultant
in conjunction with the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber
Facebook can be an effective way to reach your customers and even find new ones. But the basic tools available on your Facebook Page are just the tip of the iceberg. In this two-part series, Jillian will introduce you to Facebook’s new Ad Center and dig deeper into the advanced advertising tools Facebook offers via Ads Manager. 
Recommended requirements: Facebook Business Page, familiarity with boosting posts. 
In Session 1, participants will learn:
• The differences between Boosted Posts, Ad Center, and Ads Manager;
• What Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads are;
• What each Campaign Objective means;
• Audience selection and Ad Set setup options;
• Ad Placements available;
• Ad Format options, and
• The Top Five techniques for more successful ads.

In Session 2, Jillian focuses on even more advanced options available in Ads Manager and walk thru how to create an ad from start to finish in Ads Manager. Topics covered will include: 
• Custom and Lookalike Audiences,
• Ad Buying Options and Bidding Strategies
• Campaign Spend Limit and Budget Optimization,
• Advanced Ad Formats,
• Pixels,
• Brand Safety, and
• Advanced Testing Options.
Jillian also presents a real-world example comparing two Facebook campaigns, their results and conversions.
Facebook Advertising Deep Dive: Statistics, Strategies and Formatting
Participants will receive Jillian’s 30-page eBook: Facebook Advertising Deep Dive: Statistics, Strategies, and Formatting, which contains valuable insight into who uses the various social platforms, how to choose your bidding strategy for Facebook advertising, a breakdown of optimizations by objective and how each affects the delivery of your ads, the best days/times to post content, the best post length for the most engagement, what content consumers want, and a cheat sheet of the recommended sizes for images and videos for placement on Facebook and Instagram.
Participants will also be eligible to receive $400 off a marketing consultation with Jillian when booked by November 15, 2020. The consultation includes a review of your current online and offline marketing efforts and objectives, a report outlining recommended actions and budget, and a three-month calendar with recommended ad placement, timing, duration, channels, and content ideas. 
About the Presenter
Jillian Harman is a marketing consultant, graphic designer, and custom app developer. Her background includes many years in the publishing industry serving as a Managing Editor and product reviewer for an international trade journal. She’s self taught in graphic design, web development, and Filemaker Pro. She’s also been an event organizer and professional photographer. She holds certifications in Google Analytics and Google Ad Search, and is a Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional and Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional. Jillian also offers professional image restoration. Additionally, she operates BerksObits.com, an obituary listing service designed to promote local funeral homes, and DillyJilly.com, an online e-commerce shop with inspiring apparel designs and home decor items with a vintage touch. She is a member of the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber’s Technology Committee and volunteers with Akron’s Women in Technology. 
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